Explorations with Wood Print

June 21 - September 30, 2018 - Cafe Gallery

Throughout the world people and trees are intimately connected. The Arboretum is particularly devoted to these life-giving organisms. The artists in this exhibition are inspired to use reclaimed wood in their artworkrevealing a natural element that cannot be replicated by man. Spend time exploring these works to get an idea of the myriad of ways wood is used in creative expression today. Then, find a pathway through the  arboretum woods where you can explore and experience your own connection to nature.

About Reclaimed Artwork

Our products are all uniquely made and hand-crafted.

We use reclaimed barnwood for the background pieces and frames. Pine is used for the photos as this produces the best quality image. Some products include found objects for hooks, ornaments, etc. Beauty, quality, history all converge in our vast selection of reclaimed art products, each piece is a custom connection to another time.

Custom Products

You may choose one of our pre-built products or we can custom design and build your personalized reclaimed art product. Use one of our samples as a starting point to describe your project, then send us a hi-res photo (or choose one from our collection) and we’ll custom build a product to your specifications. Pricing to be determined (estimate provided up front) and please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.